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Peyia Veterinary Clinic

Peyia - Paphos Cyprus


At Peyia Veterinary Clinic we feel good health for your pet starts with good nutrition. A good quality pet food is backed by many years of scientific research and offers the best complete food for your pet. Each pet is different, some will be sensitive to products resulting in skin irritation or intestinal upset and some will need extra help due to a medical condition. We keep a good stock of only the best quality food and health products for your pet which help them to maintain a healthy and nutritious balance. Many of the food products contain ingredients to ensure healthy gums and teeth, intestinal control, help promote healthy skin and coats, and control the development of hairballs.
We currently stock Acana and Orijen, Royal Canin, Hills and Schesir we can special order for your pet most of other brands.
We have large stock of prescription diet for dogs and cats.
We keep a wide selection of treats, collars and leads, beds, shampoo and grooming products.
If we don't have what you are looking for ask Nicky on reception and she will try her best to source anything you require.
We are dedicated to trying to keep your pet healthy and alternative/holistic medicine is something that we promote. We stock a growing range of herbal medicines ostensibly for humans but incredibly beneficial for your pets too! This is following the growing awareness of the advantages of using truly natural products. They are very helpful in the treatments of arthritis, diabetes, gastro-enteritis and immune deficiency problems. They can be used alone or combined with prescribed medicine. We also use homeopathy in some cases. 
 We have extensive range of everything your pay may need: toys, beds, blankets, carrying bags and transportation crates, collars, leads, harnesses, grooming products, all kind of feeding bowls and much more. 
We have wide range of veterinary anti-parasite products for external (fleas and ticks) and internal (worms) in the form of spot-on, tablets, sprays or collars. 
It is a sad fact but a reality that snakes and poisoning is a part our lives here in Cyprus and as pet owners it is a constant worry. We can only do so much to prevent such an occurrence, cats wander and dogs run in the bushes out of our sight. At Peyia Veterinary Clinic we have emergency kits to assist you to start treatment ASSAP in the unfortunate event you have to deal with this problem. The kit is a first aid tool and not a substitution for an emergency visit to the vet.
Visit the clinic to buy your kit today. Cost €20.00.


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