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They say moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life, moving with pets is doubly stressful.

At Peyia Veterinary Clinic we have many years experience in pet export/import worldwide.

We can organise every stage of your pets trip; vaccinations/pet passport/flight booking/pre flight boarding for cats and dogs/pre flight check and parasite treatment and transportation to the airport.

We really are a "one stop shop" for your pet export.

This leaves you free to concentrate on organising yourself.

Exporting Animals from Cyprus

At the clinic we have many years experience and a dedicated team who can assist you with pet export to all European and non-European countries. We have a transport team that can assist with transportation of your animal to the departure airport and we can carry out all necessary paperwork from booking of the flight to organising the handling or home delivery at the destination airport. Peyia Veterinary Clinic takes all your pet export worries away.

To transport your pet within Europe the first thing you will have to do is to obtain a European Pet Passport. To obtain a Pet Passport it is a requirement that all pets are microchipped and rabies vaccinated.  

Please note if you intend to export outside of Europe every country has their own rules and they frequently change. Also it is usual for non EU countries to require an import permit and/or an exit document from the Immigration department and from the Cyprus Government Veterinary Service please ensure you make your enquiry early to ensure your pet can travel with you at the required time.

Importing Animals to Cyprus

You will need a pet passport to enter Cyprus to avoid Veterinary Control at the airport. Pets from European countries are required to have a microchip and Rabies vaccination administered 21 day or more before arriving in Cyprus. 24-48 hours before departure you will need to visit your vet to obtain a health certificate/fit to fly examination and parasite treatment. When your pet arrives at the Cyprus airport if you hold a European Pet Passport presence of government vet is not required. 

If you are entering Cyprus from a non European country your animal will have to be inspected by a government veterinary service officer and may require (depending on the country of origin) a rabies serology blood test usually 3 months prior to entry to avoid your pet being placed into home quarantine. 

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