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When you bring your pet to us for grooming you can take advantage of medical expertise that a simple grooming shop does not offer! We are already familiar with your pet's medical history, and if our Groomer finds anything of concern there is a doctor on site to take care of the issue immediately.

All styles created for clients Pedigree and non-Pedigree Dogs, performed without sedation. We can also Groom your cats, please call to reception for full details.

It is essential for the well-being of your dog to undergo regular grooming, bathing and coat trimming. Dogs require grooming maintenance to provide a healthy skin and coat condition. During the procedure, special attention to ear, eyes, nails and anal gland care is given.

A 6 to 12 week grooming schedule will enhance your dog's appearance and will also act as an illness deterrent.

Grooming is an essential part of your dog's well-being. Often the Groomer will see an area of concern before you and this observation of minor ill-health problems will ensure an early referral for Veterinary advice. Parasite invasion can often lay hidden beneath heavy coats. Thorough grooming can seek out parasites and the correct treatment applied to eradicate them.

It is useful to establish good grooming practices where puppies are concerned. A gentle discipline and teaching can be gained early, thus allowing the dog to mature and accept the procedure easily. Puppies often dislike having their ears and feet touched and left untrained this can lead to difficulties in the future and in severe cases the need for mild sedation to clip the nails or pluck the hairs from the ears. With regular grooming our experienced groomer will train your puppy to accept these minor procedures.

With regular care, not only will your pet look and smell better, but you'll also be contributing to his or her overall health.  Isn't that what good grooming should be all about? Talk to us about setting up a regular maintenance grooming program, since grooming is by appointment only please call our reception.

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